The fact of knowing.

Looking at him, I know my life is, and always will be with him. I know I’m definitely growing old with him, waking up every morning to the same familiar eyes and warm body. I know I’m always going to be driving to places with him next to me, and watching movies late at night (yes, even the lamest ones that I’ll make me groan about everything about it – just so I can spend time with him)  with my head on his lap or his on mine. I know I’ll always walk him to the door to kiss him and hug him tight and tell him I love him and to be safe every. single. day. I know I’m going to be planning vacations and travel the world with him. I know someday, he’s going to make me run that half marathon. I know he’ll always be rock, my safety, the one real and constant anchor in my life. I know all this in the silences of being together, the sudden or gradual moments of passion, the loud arguments and small irritating annoyances, the making up after, the teasing and laughter and playfulness, the shared experience of raising our girls. Most of all, I know this in the surety of knowing that he is now, always has been and always will be the one for me.


~ by grundgie on July 3, 2012.

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