2012 ALC Graduation

Where does time go? Last I wrote, it was the beginning of the school year, now it’s the end. I do hope I don’t get emotional this year-just because it’s my last here in Las Pinas. I’m going to miss my entire class, from the very first ones who were with me the entire year, to the new ones that have just started with me for a few months or weeks. It really has been worlds apart from 2011’s class. This year has certainly been more play-based, and with a wider age range (2-5), each one with different learning styles, so classroom management has been a challenge for a class of 11-12 students.

Solution? Summer workshop. I wasn’t initially planning to do one because preparation and advertising costs time and money, but I want to focus on age groups and catching up on the developmental expectations for their age group. Two weeks of straight classes. It’s going to be a tight schedule and requires complete focus for me to do what I need to do with them, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I really do want to make a difference in these children’s early education, and I hope that they’ll always remember me. Sometimes, I feel like I act too much of a mom in class, as evidenced by the fact that a few students have accidentally called me “mommy” instead of “Teacher Rg”. Which makes my heart smile, but I’m wondering if I’m playing my role right? I’m happy that I’m approachable enough to get hugs, and high-fives, and random sitting on my lap moments, and for me, that’s what makes a good teacher. Also, the disapproving looks, strict “NO’s”, long sermons on classroom rules, apology policy, and no tolerance for “can’t”, whining, and crying. It’s a big world out there, they can learn to be brave and independent starting in my classroom-even when it’s not always the case when they get home. And that’s why everyday, I have to remind them of this. Oh, this is going to be in my end of the year speech! Parent cooperation with teachers.  Advice to parents. Advice to students. Farewell song. I am so going to cry.


~ by grundgie on July 3, 2012.

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